Karnataka news – Sertari

More exciting news for Karnataka this week when we announced our new lead vocalist ~ Sertari.

Anglo-Cypriot singer-songwriter Sertari entranced us with her beautiful vocals in the audition; there was an immediate chemistry and it was clear we all shared the same musical vision. We loved the way she interpreted the songs, respecting the original versions whilst adding her own feel and emotion, sprinkling the sound with that extra bit of magic. It was very obvious to us that she was a perfect match for the band. Sertari’s own diverse musical influences include Nightwish, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin and Florence + the Machine to name a few, so we already shared the same musical DNA. .

Sertari’s successful solo career has seen her charting in both the UK and Europe and winning the Akademia “Singer/Songwriter” award for her Unplugged EP. She recently released her new EP “Bright Star” featuring Grammy award winner J- Ivy.

Sertari is an Official Ableton artist.

It’s the start of an exciting new chapter for the band, a spark that ignites a new flame.

“I am so excited to be part of Karnataka, I became an instant fan listening to all the songs. It was great to sing some of the songs for the group and really happy that they liked what I did on the day. I am looking forward to the future and being part of Karnataka and journey ahead”. Sertari