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    The brand new collaboration from Ian Jones and Agnieszka Swita

    Debut album ‘Dark Horizons’ out now

    Featuring special guests

    Steve Hackett, Craig Blundell, Troy Donockley, Luke Machin and Gonzalo Carrera

    Official ILLUMINAE website @


    Chasing The Monsoon

    Many, many moons ago I started a new project. I was looking to create something that combined strong rhythmic elements with world music, Celtic and progressive influences. 1n 2004 a chance discussion about travel writers led me to the author Alexander Frater and his book Chasing The Monsoon. Inspired by his writing and his connection to India which had already provided the inspiration behind Karnataka’s band name, I felt the book title was the ideal name for the project and with the name duly jotted down in my notebook, Chasing The Monsoon was born.

    Armed with a CD of ideas I invited producer Steve Evans and guitarist friend Ian Simmons to join the project. We wrote as a three piece for a couple of years before inviting the then Karnataka vocalist Lisa fury to join forces with us. Guest musicians Troy Donockley and Enrico Pinna  would add further contributions to the recording and now the album No Ordinary World has been released. Check out the Chasing The Monsoon website for further details.

    Warwick Artist

    I’ve been a huge fan and player of Warwick basses for a number of years – the tone, action and craftsmanship is second to none. I was therefore very honoured and excited to accept their invitation to become an official Warwick artist and endorser of their basses and amplifiers.

    Warwick have created for me a stunning Custom Shop Masterbuilt Corvette $$ bass built to my specification.  You can check out my official artist page on the Warwick website artists page.


    “How did I get here? 73 was an influential year. My older sister was on her own path to musical discovery and a steady stream of wonderful, mysterious sounds were echoing around the house. Dark Side of the Moon, Tubular Bells, Tales From Topographic Oceans, to name just a few. Too young to understand maybe, but they left their mark. My own musical discovery followed. The 80s arrived with new energy and new sounds. Something clicked. I wanted to be part of this, I wanted to make music. Tentative steps on a borrowed bass evolved into full scale immersion. No looking back. Enter Karnataka in 1998. Still searching, still eager to discover. Chasing The Monsoon and ILLUMINAE to follow.“